Katie Kirk & Rick Williams, folk duo

Portrait photography by John Martin.

Katie & Rick at Newlyn Green

“Katie is one of the great " undiscovered" talents of the UK folk and acoustic scene. With exceptionally sympathetic accompaniment from Rick she delivers riveting vocal performances. They deserve a much wider audience.” ... GEOFF LAKEMAN

“Katie Kirk and Rick Williams are utterly captivating. Each thoughtfully reimagined ballad is like its own world, painted with exquisite vocals and guitar” … TEYR

“Katie Kirk’s warm, earthy voice comes with a personality and onstage presence to match, while master guitarist Rick Williams supplies an elegant underpinning.” … SARAH McQUAID

Details of performances are posted on facebook, click here or visit https://www.facebook.com/KatieKirkandRickWilliams

Photography by Luke Brown.

Filmed by Jamie Matson at King Edward Mine. Audio recordings by Dare Mason, VIP Lounge.

I've always loved singing. A wise woman once told me that when you’re starting out, you can’t be too picky… you should sing everything. So I did. From nursery rhymes sitting on the garden swing; the first verse of 'He Who Would Valiant Be' in primary school assembly; 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' with mum to pass the time on long car journeys; Handel's Messiah with the Marazion Methodist Circuit Choir; jazz standards with the Cape Cornwall Stage Band; Joan Baez songs with peer teens; Trinity College singing exams; 70s punk with my sister Niki; the songs you improvise in a parenting crisis to calm the children; lead and harmony vocals for various Americana bands; four part Cornish Carols; experimental improv. with Andrew Lanyon; ‘rootsy’ blues and jazz with Tony Apple; snippets of song with the Story Republicans; soloist slots with Helen Porter and Nick Hart’s choirs, singing from a boat for Abigail Reynolds’ event on the Helford and for the past few years, beautiful ballads with Rick Williams at folk clubs.